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Thank you for entering into the Diggz Mcleod site. As a multi talented International Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Producer. Diggz is best described as having a blend of music that is soulfully rich with influences from the 60's and 70's Soul, Rock, Funk, to Down Home Delta Blues, Reggae, Island Calypso and Hip Hop. His sound is robust and driven by a heartfilled inspiration that materializes in rhythmic riffs and soaring vocals. His lightening fast guitar solos are so impressive, they are best described as, "Having a perfect balance of extreme energy without losing it's finesse." If you want to get lifted to the Mcleod Experience, just listen to his smash single, "What you gonna do" I guarantee not only will you be blown away, you won't be able to stop listening to this amazing song!!

Digg Mcleod is currently in the studio creating more hit music and will soon launch new blazin' hot singles and videos!! Stay connected for up to date releases and live performances. Please be sure to check out his Fan Page section to join the DMC Movement!! This will allow you all exclusive access and keep you connected for current give aways and events.

~Ya Diggz!!
The Evolution of Muzik


WuT u GoNnA Do @ MiCrOsOfT GaRd3nStaTe MaLl Nj 2014

WaRm uP @ MiCrOsOfT GaRd3nStAte MaLl Nj 2014

No StOpPiNg (OfFiCiAl ViDeO)

WhAt YoU gOnNa Do @ B.B. KiNgZ Ny 2013

LiVe WaRmUp BeFoRe tHe PeRfOrMaNc3 @ B.B. KiNgZ 2013

ThRoW BaCk PrActiSe

WhAt YoU GoNnA dO (OfFiCiAl ViDeO)

Diggz mcleod

BrOoKlYn RoCkZ

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WhAt YoU GoNnA Do

WhAt YoU GoNnA Do

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No StOpPiNg

No StOpPiNg

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eVoLuTiOn Of #RoCk

"No StOpPiNg" Th3 ViDeO

"No StOpPiNg" Th3 ViDeO

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PaRt 2 oF tHe #MoVi3 No StOpPiNg Th3 ViDeO

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